A vinyl single-slider window is perfect for the cost-conscious homeowner that desires quality, energy efficiency, and affordability. These single-slider windows don’t force you to sacrifice quality or energy efficiency in the name of style.

Any homeowner has one job, to make a house a home and that can happen in many ways. It might start with the injection of a family into the situation, or be putting up pictures that reflect upon memories of the past that remind the residents of happy times. Or it might require upgrades and updates to the home’s infrastructure that will bring the home up to a modern standard with new technology that will protect the residents from the elements. Things like a new furnace, or water heater are top of mind money savers that reduce energy consumption and work more efficiently. But those upgrades are the economy of scale and represent conservation, but there are bigger payoffs to be had through investments that will provide a return on investment that will pay off long into the future. New or replacement windows are the kind of projects that can generate a high rate of return on the investment. Make no mistake, windows come with a price, and for a homeowner, a sound investment in new windows might be scary at first, but once the details are fleshed out it can be the best investment you can make in your home.

At Everlast Home we want to help every homeowner we encounter and educate them about the virtues and benefits of replacement windows. Our consultants are very knowledgeable and they can advise a homeowner what the best window is for the application it has been chosen for. We work with Elite Windows and Doors, a Canadian company that supplies some of the best windows and doors products in the industry and they have many years experience working with windows and doors technology to improve their products to meet the demands of the environment and marketplace.

Single tilt slider windows

Historically, single tilt slider windows have been manufactured for smaller rooms and spaces where they are installed. The simplicity of the window is its main feature and it is simple to use and creates a friendly environment in any room it installed in.

Single tilt slider windows are made up of a single pane of glass that slides horizontally and it tilts open like a door. The single fitted sash can sustain a screen insert that allows for a better view of the outside that is unobstructed.