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The mission of the company “Everlast Home” is to make the life of a person in the city comfortable by creating progressive real estate objects.


Our values:




The high quality of life and comfort of our customers is the primary meaning of our activity for us. At the heart of everything we do is the desire to meet their needs as much as possible. When developing projects, we strive to anticipate the expectations of the market.


Profit is not our ultimate goal, but it gives us financial stability, making it possible to implement our projects efficiently and on time. We will be profitable if we bring satisfaction to our customers.




Each of us strives to be honest with the client and with each other. We do not hide the problems but report them to our residents immediately and solve them as soon as possible.


Everlast Home always completes the business started and did not put its financial interest above customers’ interests. Our most important principle is the clear and timely fulfillment of all our obligations. We value the trust that you gave to us, and we will always try to justify it.




Everlast Home is targeting tomorrow. We have an inner desire for progress, a desire to go further, do better, create something new. We are doing everything to remain a reliable company. We want to become leaders in the comfort of our facilities and the quality of our services, not in the number of square meters sold.


We use the technologies to reduce the cost and improve our projects’ quality to provide customers with the best. We are developing advanced facilities and introducing new services for our residents to be the first to give them something that no one else offers.




Everlast Home unites people to achieve common goals jointly. Each employee shares them and perceives them as their ones. We create all conditions for realizing the potential of our employees so that they achieve maximum personal results and thereby ensure the success of the Company. Everlast Home employee strives to improve its work, creatively approach the opportunities that open up, and offer new non-standard solutions that allow us to improve our projects and increase the efficiency of our work.


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Resizing the house

We take the job with care as we enlarge the house, making it look like there was always this part.

Window & Door Installation

#1 System with step by step reported to the customer.

Corporate locations

We treat each of our clients with respect and punctuality. Our job is to make you happy, so we have developed a system that will keep our customers updated.

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible job.

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