Double hung windows

Double hung windows have two movable sashes (panels) that are adjustable and they capable of tilting inwardly. Double hung windows provide more ventilation – depending on which panel is open and how much it is open. Double hung windows are best suited for a variable climate – like Canada – and their versatility makes them an instant hit with homeowners. Double hung windows come in most standards sizes, but they are a bit more intricate to install and are best installed by a professional. The installation and manufacturing costs are higher, but they are an easy clean because the windows tilt open. For the past 20-30 years, double hung windows have been the default choice for new construction based on their energy efficiency and durability.

Double-hung windows have two operating sash that move up and down allowing for ventilation on the top, bottom or both.

You’ve been in your home for a few years now, the kids are growing, you have had no major catastrophes to interrupt your delicate balance and life is good. When you first took possession of your new home, you knew you needed to upgrade some things and that was first on the list to make you house a home. A new, energy-efficient, furnace and a water heater that offered savings and they were first on the list. Next came the smart appliances that you purchased to save energy and they have lived up to the billing of better energy use and meant less energy use and that is the best part of the situation. The upgrades you made produced small returns based on the investment and now you are looking for a big investment that will pay off in spades and reduce your concerns for the environment and energy use.

The payoff you are looking for comes with replacement windows, they will create energy savings through a reduction in use, and by extension, it will reduce the costs of energy. An intangible benefit of new windows will be in the quality of life you enjoy due to the improvement environment that you are living in.

To make an investment in your home that comes with excellent benefits, contact us at Elite Window & Door Solutions to make the jump to energy efficiency. We have a team of consultants at the ready to dispense with good advice and counsel when you are choosing your new replacement windows based on need and application. We work with Elite Windows and Doors and they supply all the windows and doors we install in the homes we work on. Elite is a Canadian company with an excellent reputation for making quality products that stand up to everything a four-seasons country like Canada can throw at them.