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Since 2000, the Modular Home Additions team has completed nearly 1,000 home add-on projects in Toronto, ON, many of which have been for repeat customers. We are proud to create beautiful home additions and home extensions, and we strive to show we have a great product through our actions and projects instead of words. We don’t rely on fancy wordplay to show you how and why we’re the best. Instead, take a look at the fact that we have been voted “The Best in Town” for four years in a row by our customers and neighbors.

Grow Your Home in Ten Days, Five Days, Three Days with Everlast Home

Here are a few ways we stand out from the competition:

  • We offer free initial consultations and a detailed quote
  • We can have the exterior shell done in as little as three days
  • You can even live in your home while we renovate it
  • We will obtain all of the necessary city permits for you
  • We have all-season service and offer exclusive discounts to customers

Don’t let just any contractor handle your home add-on in Toronto. Trust only the experts at EverLast Home.

The Our Process for Home Extension

Our process involves four important phases:

  1. We begin with a design phase, where we determine the feasibility of your concept and turn your abstract ideas into something that can actually happen. We’ll draw up a rough design and handle all permit drawings and applications. Once we’re done with that, we get to work on building your home extension.
  2. During the construction phase, we’ll work on finishing up the exterior, including demolishing your existing roof, doing any foundation work, and installing the superstructure.
  3. Then, we’ll work on the interior of your new home add-on, from the doors and cabinetry to painting and decorating. During this time, we’ll also take care of wiring and HVAC installation. Of course, every part of your home addition will be inspected by the city to make sure it meets building codes.
  4. The final phase is a thorough renovation of all existing areas followed by a deep cleaning so you can move back into your home.

It really is that simple!

 The Best Way to Get A Home Addition

The Modular Home Additions concept and building process gives you the following:

  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Control

If you are ready to take the next step for creating the home of your dreams in Toronto, ON, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll bring your dream home addition to life. Check out our available floor plans, read our testimonials, or look at our past home renovations in Toronto. When you’re ready, all you need to do is give our Toronto home renovation contractors a call. From home extensions to a second-floor addition, we do it all!

 Get a home addition today!

Everlast Home knows what they are doing and i'm amazed. They announced the work to be done within 1 month but finished yearlier.

John Doe


I love the location, but need extra rooms in my house, so i decided to extend the house and Everlast Home did an amazing job.

John Doe