Window Installation

If you’re looking for a window installation by a knowledgeable, experienced and family owned company, Everlast Home can help. Our experienced team can help you choose the best type of window for your home’s look and your family’s needs. 

Vinyl windows are the most common types of windows we install, and they’re a popular choice for homeowners. Vinyl windows are an excellent investment, and will last years. Vinyl windows offer many benefits, including:
Energy efficiency Resistant to salt air and harsh industrial pollutants. Require virtually no maintenance.Wide variety of colours, styles and sizes. Affordable and long-lasting Increase the value of your home. Lifetime guarantee
Wood WindowsIf you want a timeless and classic look for your home, wood windows are the option for you. They’re a beautiful choice for older homes and add lots of character, while still offering many of the same benefits as vinyl windows. 
Keep your heritage home looking authenticCan be painted or stainedExcellent insulation providing energy savingsMade from sustainable resourcesHigh quality craftsmanshipWe’re proud to provide our customers with only the best brands of wood and vinyl windows.


The door is the part of your house that potential buyers will see and it’s always nice to make a good first impression. New Exterior Doors are the most important thing that must be done during renovation of the house as it is an investment that will increase your house value. An elegant door is the gem of your house and should be something you’re proud of.

At EVERLAST HOME, we will not be fulfilled until every customer experiences our excellent customer service from the moment of our first visit to the job’s completion.

We provide only the highest quality products available in today’s market, and take care of all customers in a professional and courteous manner.
With a great choice of Exterior Doors we also provide and install wide range of entry doors including patio doors, garden doors, storm doors, porch enclosures and garage doors, all of which will be customized according to your requirements to your satisfaction.

Choose Your Exterior Doors Following These 4 Simple Steps:
Step 1: Choose Glass Options and Material For Your Entry Doors (Fiberglass or Steel)


Choose from our wide selection of ENERGY STAR© certified door slabs, side lights, door lights and fiberglass doors for outstanding style, quality, performance, and energy efficiency.
*Code Approved systems are also available

  • Polyurethane core with 13.1 R Value
  • Custom-designed heights per your door frame size
  • 16-inch wooden lock block
  • Dent, crack, scratch and rust resistant
  • HD Steel and embossing
  • Wooden components on a structure that is 100% solid wood
  • Can be 20 min Fire Rated (applicable to doors without glass)
  • Foam insulation with an R-factor of 12.6 that is made of HCFC free polyurethane

Step 2: Select a Configuration for Your Exterior Door


Step 3: Choose Your Entry Door Frame

With the versatility of the wood on the inside and a durable PVC window on the inside, our doors are sturdy, weather-proof, water-proof, maintenance-free and extremely energy efficient.
Vinyl-Wrapped Finger Joint
With an Alaskan yellow-cypress base that will prevent water-wicking and is designed to resist, our doors are bonded with rigid 12 mil PVC film and permanent waterproof polyurethane glue.

Step 4: Choose a Finish for Your Exterior Door

Standard: Unfinished Standard Glass or Pre-Finished White (Polytech) 24 Ga. Steel
Available Upgrades: Jambs, Interior/Exterior Doors Paint in 1 of 18 available colors for fiberglass or steel options; 1 of 7 stains for fiberglass.
Customize Your Entry Doors with One of These 18 Painting Colors


We would be happy to help you choose an affordable option to increase the value of your wonderful home. 
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