Window Types

Awning Window

Modern consumers in Canada are taking note of awning vinyl windows for their excellent features

Casement Windows

Casement windows Toronto designs offer a host of delightful features that makes them a strong favorite in any home or office.

Sliding Windows

When you want maximum versatility in even the smallest spaces, sliding tilt windows are a great choice. 

Bay & Bow Window

Our custom Bay windows can be installed in any home. A roof can be build over the exterior to give a dramatic look and seal against water penetration.

Contour Windows

Contour series windows are more superior to ordinary vinyl windows which sport a flat “industrial” look. 

Single Hung Tilt Window

Single hung windows are by far the most popular type of vinyl replacement windows we offer here 

Double Hung Tilt Window

The double hung tilt windows  give you even more versatility than their single-hung counterparts.

End Vent Window

An end vent window provides an elegant piece of structure that enhances the style for the home.

E-Gress Windows

Egress windows provide emergency exits to homeowners in case of fire or other life-threatening situation.